Dolphin Show Cayo Santa Maria

Dolphin Show Cayo Santa Maria

The Dolphinarium is located in Cayo Ensenachos which is about 30 km away from Cayo Santa Maria. The drive will help you to get to know the other island where multiple hotels are located. The Dolphin Show is a real treat for the whole family with over 20 dolphins doing stunning tricks along with sea lions competing for your attention. The Dolphin entertainment area is quite large at 900 m2 and offers 260 seats from which to watch the shows. The Dolphinarium also has a small store for souvenirs and refreshments plus a tiny café-bar. Depending in whether your tour includes it or not there’s a great restaurant that serves a delicious meal of chicken, lobster and shrimp which is not to be missed.

Cayo Santa Maria Dolphin Show

There are two different tours, one if the daytime tour then there is a second nighttime tour which includes drinks and a type of disco at the ends. If you can make it out to the Dolphinarium alone then the cost is only 5CUC compared to some tours that are upwards of 25 CUC, including a combined Catamaran Cruise Tour along with the Acuario Dolphin Tour. The aforementioned meal by itself is 12 CUC.

Sealion Show Cayo Santa Maria

The dolphin show is truly fantastic; particularly one dolphin which appears to be the most well trained one which does multiple spins (maybe about 5?) before hitting the water again. Kids can go down to the poolside and touch the dolphins and there is a session at the end of the Dolphin show when you can get in and swim with them for an extra 60 CUC.