Jeep Safari Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa Maria Jeep Safari

If you don’t decide to visit the city of Caibarien for a whole day the Cayo Santa Maria Jeep Safari will take you to the city anyway, as it is the place where the Suzuki Jeeps are collected from to take this impressive tour Jeep Safari with a hint of ecotourism thrown in! Remember to bring your license if you want to drive one of the jeeps… These are small jeeps, called Suzuki Jimny, designed for 4 people. If you’re a family of 4 then you can all take the trip in one vehicle, otherwise you can join others in separate vehicles.

jeep Safari Cayo Santa Maria

The tour begins with a drive on paved road between immense Cuban royal palm trees, through sugar and coffee plantations to a chicken breeding farm where a make-up rooster fight (no killing) takes place. The farm offers an impressive array of animals, from: flamingos to crocs, iguanas, ducks, and peacocks, a real treat for kids. Another area of the farm lets you see pigs and even milk a cow! The Jeep Safari excursion then recommences, including driving on a dirt road for about an 1 hour, this can be quite dusty for those on vehicles behind the lead car! A stop for lunch is at the Rancho Querete, another real farm where lunch is served in traditional Cuban style with succulent pork, sweet potatoes, cucumber, rice with black beans, fruit and coffee.

jeep-safari-cayo santa maria

We then drive onto the Cueva de Valdes where you will have the chance to swim in a river under a picturesque waterfall. Horseback riding is also included, the trip starts from the waterfall and takes about 10 minutes but is quite fun and you can let the kids go it alone if you want as they’re pretty much in eyesight. You will take the paved road back to return the jeep.

Horseback riding Cayo Santa Maria

The whole trip takes in some beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. The scenery is idyllic and gives you a true feel for Cuba after being on Cayo Santa Maria. This Cayo Santa Maria Jeep Safari excursion starts at 8:30 am till 6 pm. Prices are 75 cuc per adult and 53 cuc for children and it’s well worth the cost.