Hotel Husa Cayo Santa Maria Cuba

Hotel Husa Cayo Santa Maria

Hotel Husa Cayo Santa Maria is a splendid 5-star holiday resort managed by the little known hotel chain Husa. Don’t let the HUSA name fool you though, managing over 40 hotels in major European capital cities, the chain gets extremely high scores on tripadvisor, this hotel being a 4 out of 5 star guest reviews. Hotel Husa Cayo Santa Maria is a beautiful resort, set in the most luscious gardens of any resort in Cayo Santa Maria. The Hotel Husa Cayo Santa Maria also offers oversized rooms, nicely decorated using pastel shades and sky blue throughout. Located on the beach front, giving rooms direct access to the sand, it is situated on one of the most stunning beaches in Cayo Santa Maria and we would wage a bet that maybe in the world! From where the resort is situated the beach extends 2.6 km either side, offering a panoramic views in this secluded setting.

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